Monday, December 16, 2013

How Many More?

If you turned on any news channel mid-afternoon last Friday, one day short of the one year anniversary of the school shooting in Newton, CT, you would have been greeted by a now all too familiar scene.  There were school children walking from their school single file, hands in the air.  Immediately the mind knows what has transpired; the only suspense is waiting for the talking heads to tell you the death toll.

Fortunately, this time the only death was that of the gunman, apparently a student at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, CO.  Looking for a particular teacher, he shot two students when unable to find his target.  One remains critically injured.  As we know from past experience, it could have been much worse.  In the upcoming days a portrait of the gunman will emerge, details probably similar to those in past shootings.  A disturbed young man, easy access to a gun, ensuing tragedy.

In the year since Newtown 194 children have died from shootings, 127 of those in their own homes and another 26 in school shootings.  We see it, we watch the news coverage, we shake our heads, we do nothing.  Our representatives do nothing, paralyzed by pressure groups and the prospect of losing campaign money.  And so history repeats itself, as it will again and again.  More children will die.

After all, as we're often reminded, guns don't kill people.


fleshpot said...

But how many have to die before we istall some legitimate gun control, includibg tougher mental ch

bill said...

We have not yet approached the stage where we eat our own children or sacrifice them to our Volcanoes, merely at the beginning where we allow them to be killed. We've a long way to go.

Anonymous said...

What many in the media are not telling you...Armed Individual at Colorado School May Have Prevented Mass Shooting.