Monday, December 23, 2013

I Feel Violated

We have three bedrooms in our home, only one of which is actually used for its original purpose.  One has been converted to a TV room/den and the other to an office.  The office has always been, by unspoken agreement, "my space".  When I was working, it actually was a functioning office, a place for me to use the phone in quiet, keep customer records, store extra catalogs and sales materials etc.

After my retirement the office remained mostly my territory.  We have a desktop computer that Mrs. Grumpy rarely uses, preferring the tablet.  The bookshelves are filled with memorabilia from my career and of my favorite college and pro teams, along with car parts catalogs, spare ammo, pictures of our pets and a file box of important papers.

Every so often Mrs. Grumpy decides that the room needs cleaning.  I don't mean dusting and vacuuming.  I mean she empties the shelves and rearranges things to her liking.  Funny how she always does this when I'm either not home or otherwise occupied, like napping.  I awoke from today's brief nap to find that things weren't as I left them.  She had struck again.  Now instead of instinctively reaching for something where it's usually located, I have to go on a search mission to find the stapler.

Since this room has, in effect, been ceded to me, I feel I should be able to arrange things as I choose.  She likes it organized her way.  One of these days when she's not at home I'm going to rearrange all her closets and see how she takes that.  Fair is fair.  Amirite?


The Big Guy said...

Strongly suggest you simply put everything back exactly where you had it. She'll get it. You escalate this to her closets and next thing you know there will be a lock on your office door to which you do not have the key.

Peruby said...

I'm not touchin' this one.

GMoney said...

If you don't want her in there than give up a nap or two and clean it yourself.

Or just deal with it.

bill said...

I like what the big guy said. But you could hang a sign on the door or somewhere appropriate, "Private Office, keep out. Maybe what the big guy said and forget the sign.