Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Here it is, Christmas Eve 2013, and like every one preceding it our mailboxes and televisions and radios and all sorts of digital media are filled with wishes for Peace on Earth.

This is my 66th Christmas Eve.  There was no Peace on Earth during any of the previous 65.  There is no Peace on Earth today.  There is no reason to believe that there will be Peace on Earth on Christmas Eve next year.

I don't expect there to be Peace on Earth in my lifetime nor any of yours.  There will never be Peace on Earth and if you think it is achievable, you're kidding yourself.  Peace on Earth.  Maybe the most hollow sentiment ever.


kden said...

In a Global aspect, you are right. In our own cities, you are right. Even our own neighborhoods (and families) are unsettled. But there is good out there, and even if you can only find it within yourself--spread it around and help someone else find their own peace.

And that is my end of year sermon for 2013 :-)

GMoney said...

Jesus, who keeps shitting in your nog?

bill said...

Philosophers all... Afraid I agree with the author of this blog. Peace on earth is an illusion, something unattainable yet we (mankind) pretend to keep searching for that unattainable illusion. Why? Too many varied, powerful, interest, i.e. National, political, ethnic, individual, all pulling in different directions, like gravity, creating an impossible illusion.

bill said...

Mrs. Bill read Grumpy's blog and the comments.
Her comment was "hooray for Kden."

kden said...

Bill, I always knew I liked your wife :-)