Thursday, June 12, 2014


By The Big Guy
Senior Contributor

I’m disappointed. It’s been in the back of my mind and I wasn’t sure about what but now I know. I’m disappointed in the Obama Administration.

I always think back to that editorial cartoon, the one by Mike Luckovich that ran in his Atlanta Journal-Constitution and hundreds of other publications around the country just two days after Election Day 2008. “Day One” it read across the top and there was a drawing of President Obama with scotch tape and glue and a stapler piecing a destroyed Constitution back together.

Brilliant. People were filled with hope. I was filled with hope and the promise of better days to come. Hell, the Nobel crowd gave the new President their Peace Prize a couple of hours after he took the oath of office. Now here we are almost six years in to a two-term Presidency with over two full years to go and talk has turned to Hillary.

Yes I know there are dozens of sites I can go to and come up with a list of all the fine accomplishments of the Obama Administration. However, I have a feeling the promises not achieved, the executive orders that have had to stand in for actual legislation is a longer list. The Affordable Care Act that passed Congress before the House turned red will accomplish much, despite the glut of compromises that made it less than it could have been. Perhaps some future act of Congress will make it into the law for which we had hoped. And gay rights have swept the country just of its own weight with an assist from that Constitution mentioned earlier.

I am also completely aware of the fact that Obama came into office with the equivalent of his hands tied behind his back and one foot in a bucket of quick setting concrete what with two wars in progress, costing this country billions of dollars and horrible numbers of lives every month, along with the worst recession in eighty years. Still, after eight years of a gang that did what they wanted, interpreting laws as they deemed necessary, we were hungry for change and expected much. It took President Obama two years to learn that every time he moved to the center to compromise, the center point would shift to the right. By then the House gavel had also shifted to the right. Game over.

And now the country has gone into election mode. Congress, which barely works as it is, will take most of the rest of the year off. Thirty-six working days until Election Day. I'm not expecting the House or the Senate to change hands, which pretty much means the next two years are going to look a lot like the last four. What of immigration reform, women’s rights, student loan reform, rewriting the tax code, infrastructure repair, and the minimum wage? Yeah.

No wonder talk has turned to Hillary.


GMoney said...

It only took me 20 some years of my life to realize that politicians do nothing but disappoint. Except for Slick Willie...that man knew how to get things done.

Grumpy said...

The same people who sandbagged Obama at every turn will do the same to Hillary because:

a. She's a woman
b. She's Hillary

fleshpot said...

I share your sense of malaise regarding Obama. If only he weren't so detached and academic and could have reached out to people---a touch of Bill Clinton's populism---I think he might have accomplished more, although I agree he came in with the dice loaded against him.

bill said...

XGrumpy said in a different way what I would have said had he not said it.
Obama has been a disappointment, without considering the dice were loaded. It will be more of the same if Hillary runs and wins. We do need a strong man in the whitehouse; We need another Bill Clinton.

Claire M. King said...

One of your better posts.