Monday, June 9, 2014

Quick, Make A Decision

Because I have a small dick
You're sitting in Chipotle having dinner.  Maybe your family is with you.  You look up and see these two walk in the door.  What's your first thought?  What action do you take, if any?  Are you going to die?  Is your family going to die?  Is everybody in the restaurant going to die?

These are some of the questions that had to be in the minds of diners and staff at a Texas Chipotle and several other Texas restaurants as members of Open Carry Texas decided to make a statement by openly carrying rifles, shotguns and other long guns into restaurants, groceries, drugstores and other public places.  What they were doing is completely legal.  They have the right to do it, but does that make it a good idea?

The Big Guy and I were talking about this last week and we discussed several possible scenarios that this type of behavior could cause.   At the very least I would think that someone seeing them in the parking lot would call 911 to report men with guns.  When they enter an establishment with guns at the ready it's not a stretch to imagine panic among customers and staff alike.  How long before one of these morons comes across someone carrying a concealed weapon who decides to head off what he or she sees as impending carnage and engages the rifle carrier in a shootout, bullets flying in a public parking lot?

It's hard to see any good coming out of this stunt.  Walking around in public with a rifle or shotgun slung over your shoulder is asking for trouble.  Somebody's going to get hurt if this continues; I hope it's one of these idiots.


bill said...


GMoney said...

That is so weird to me that people can do this legally. I just fail to see any positive coming from being an assault rifle with me to pick up a few burritos.

Mr. Ace said...

How else are they supposed to protect themselves from killer dogs?

Grumpy said...

Open carry is also legal in Ohio, but so far there are no organized groups pushing the idea.

If a dog attacks me, my family, my friends, my dog or anyone near me, I'm putting two in its head. And there is already legal precedent in Ohio that says I'll walk.