Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Reap What You Sow

 You put guns in the hands of racist, anti-government, homophobic, right wing zealots.  For six years you have a right wing media machine exploit their already considerable fears of government, minorities, immigrants, anything and anybody that's not like them.  Convince them that their government, their elected officials, their local police are all out to get them.  And now the chickens are coming home to roost.

On June 6 a self proclaimed "Sovereign Citizen", determined and well armed, attempted to attack the Forsyth County, Georgia courthouse, intent on God knows what mayhem.  On June 8 two domestic terrorists with ties to the militias at the Cliven Bundy ranch, walked into a pizza restaurant in Las Vegas and executed two police officers eating their lunch, walked across the street to a WalMart and shot a civilian carrying a concealed weapon who attempted to stop them; they then did what cowards do, they killed themselves.  They left a Gadsen flag, the favorite symbol of the Tea Party on one of the slain officers, as well as a rendering of a swastika.

This won't be the last of it.  Right wing extremists, armed to the teeth and filled with hatred.   This is just the beginning.


Mr. Ace said...

You know what we should do? Give them as much attention as possible. That will totes deter the next group looking to do this.

GMoney said...

I almost feel bad for responsible right wingers who get drug through the mud and shit by their extreme brethren. ALMOST.

fleshpot said...

And we can't find some reasonable middle ground to enact some form of gun control. What the fuck is wrong with us?